We offer tutors in both primary and secondary education. The hourly rates our tutors charge varies, and is dependent on the distance travelled and the tutor's experience, as well as the age and number of students.

For primary school pupils the rates are generally between £20-£24 per hour, for secondary age pupils they are between £21-£26 per hour and for A-level students approximately £23-£28 per hour. The exact rate can be negotiated either through us or directly with the tutor.

We have tutors throughout East Anglia, with a large number in and around Norwich and Ipswich. If we do not have an appropriate tutor registered near your location, we will do our best to find one.

We only charge our tutors a one-off fee of £20, which pays our administration costs and enables us to maintain the website. This fee is only charged when we find an appropriate job for the tutor.